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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 12, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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looking down from san bruno mountain it's monday, january 12th. this is "today in the bay." >> good monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. first back open and open early. >> it's the big news of the day, crews finished installing a new barrier on the golden gate bridge six hours ahead of schedule. >> this is a live look at the bridge. can you make out the new median down the center? a little foggy. >> hard to make out much of anything. it's roughly the length of 32 football fields and going to alter more than the landscape of the bridge. stephanie chuang, any concern about drivers adjusting to the changes? >> reporter: good morning sam and laura. there's stern minor changes
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could throw some drivers off. the good news is the weather was cooperative this weekend. as you mentioned six hours earlier instead of opening an hour ago it opened about the:30 last night. tough to see now because of the fog that christina and mike have been talking about. you will see new median barriers instead of the yellow plastic pylons. this is a new move to prevent head-on collisions. we've seen chp and some cars cross the bridge 9:30 last night. the closing lasted 46 hours, so crews could put in 3,500 new barriers that are pinned together. operators of brand new zipper trucks will accommodate the traffic flow. there's six inches less in the middle lanes so advice for drivers, go slow. >> we don't want to see people get into minor accidents with the changes that have gone into place. >> reporter: other new changes, take notice on the waldo grade from the tunnel to the approach
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to the bridge, drivers will be merging right to left instead of left to right and to accommodate the speed limit is dropping 55 to 45 miles an hour. golden gate bridge district officials warn it could take some getting used to. the first zipper truck moving into action could be 9:30 to 10:30 this morning. coming up in the next report, why it took so many years to get this in place. at the golden gate bridge, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you so much. >> here's a close look at the changes drivers are facing this morning for southbound drivers, stephanie just mentioned it, there's a new merging lane on the waldo grade. >> and drivers as she also said will now merge right to left instead of left to right. that might take some getting used to. >> certainly slow down. the speed on the waldo grade is reduced to 45 miles an hour from 55.
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>> the left lane is six inches less wide. we'll see how traffic will fair on the median warier. stephanie is live at the brim, mike inouye will keep us posted on traffic there and around the bay area. a police chase ended when a police car crashed into a cement barrier. it began early this morning with a routine traffic stop in san leandro. the suspect led police on a chase all the way to oakland. the car got away after a tight turn on northbound 880 at hegenberger. the san leandro police cruiser couldn't make the turn, it was sharp, slammed into a cement pylon. crews had to use the jaws of life to free the trapped officer who was rushed to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. the suspect is still on the run. meantime more violence surrounding chris brown, this time bullets go flying by at a south bay concert. >> five people shot as chris brown actually ducks on stage.
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"today in the bay' "today in the bay's" nanette miranda at police head quarterses. >> reporter: san jose police still have no suspects and trying to piece together what happened at a packed private party featuring controversial cell phone video caught the flurry of gunfire as brown took the stage at the fiesta nightclub on monterrey road. during his first song 1:20 yesterday morning five people were shot and wounded. concertgoers ran for their lives and brown was whisked back stage. he tweeted i'm 100, meaning he's 100% okay. the party was originally scheduled at the rock bar theater but was moved at the last minute over capacity concerns. residents near the new location question whether the nightclub offered adequate security. >> first thing going through my mind, checking to see if they had like weapons when they came
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in. >> reporter: witnesses say it doesn't appear chris brown was the target. yesterday's shooting in san jose marks the third instance of nightclub violence involving brown in just five months. in august, he was the alleged target of a shooting at a west hollywood venue and in september, brown was drirvegidr with friends in new york when a bottle-throwing brawl broke out. all five victims are expected to survive. ticket prices started at $50 per ticket and went up to as high as $2,500. live in santa rosa, nannette miranda for "today in the bay." >> quite a good spare for the concert attendees. thank you very much, nannette. today people in san francisco are going to honor the four people shot and killed near the hayes valley neighborhood over the weekend. already a memorial is growing near where the victims died. police have not released their names yet and still don't have any suspects in those shootings. investigators say the four
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victims were killed friday night while sitting in a stolen car. witnesses report seeing a newer gray scion leaving the area. police believe it was gang related. france ordered 10,000 troops to patrol the streets saying the threat of terrorism is still present. some of the troops have been assigned to protect france's 717 jewish schools in response to a series of attacks that started with wednesday's massacre at the headquarters of "charlie hebdo." officials are still looking for the widow of one of the attackers who reportedly crossed into syria on thursday, the day after the attack at the newspaper and the same day as her husband shot police officer on the outskirts of paris. attorney general eric holder says al qaeda in yemen is the biggest threat, not only launching attacks but inspiring others to do so as well. >> that is the thing that i think keeps me up most at night, this concern about the lone wolf, who goes undetected. >> meanwhile secretary of state
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john kerry is on his way to paris to talk with officials about how to combat extremist violence. the obama administration has been criticized for not sending a senior official to yesterday's rally for unity in paris. that rally was attended by some 40 world leaders and more than 1 million people. coming up in about 40 minutes we'll have a live report from washington about why lawmakers are increasingly concerned someone may be floting plotting attacks here in the united states. new video of what is left of airasia flight 8501. the flight data recorder was recovered from the java sea. it contains crucial information about aircraft conditions and readings. they're trying to locate the cockpit voice recorder which has conversations between the pilots. the black boxes will play a major role in trying to figure out what caused the plane to go down killing all 162 people on
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board. a fourth ship with specialized underwater equipment is trying to find the plane that disappeared ten months ago. the submarine can scan parts of the search area. not a single trace of malaysia airlines flight 370 has been found since that plane vanished with 239 people aboard, and that was last march. at 5:08, happening today for the 11th day in a row, people in the bay area being warned about poor air quality. officials ordered another spare the air day this morning. most of us know what that means by now, no using fireplace or setting any controlled burns because the air quality is just so bad. >> we have to kind of keep those conditions in the back of our mind now and it's been that way for several days. let's bring in meteorologist christina loren. christina, that air is bad even for completely healthy people. happy monday to you. >> happy monday to you. mondays can be tough and the
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fashifog may make the drive to work more tough. temperatures above average, really good looking day ahead, if you can tolerate that poor air quality but i can tell you, today and into tomorrow it's looking better than what we experienced over the weekend and that's going to continue to be the trend as we head throughout this week with more moisture on the way. today though it is however illegal to burn. you're going to find the best air quality, san francisco coast and the east bay, the east shore near valley spot especially in santa clara valley, the trivalley we have that poor air quality as that dome of high pressure just kind of sits there. we don't have a lot of wind here. they are getting wind at the coast contributing to better air quality. 48 degrees in san francisco, on your way to 62, hazy sun. rain is on the way. we're going to talk about when it returns to your forecast, where you live, your microclimate coming up in moments. first let's check your drive with mike. >> good morning. one of the factors for your drive is this fog impeding our view of the towers of the golden
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gate bridge but more interesting folks looking at this, the center median, the new one we put in over the weekend, we, i'm going to take credit for it, i didn't do any work. the the pylons are gob and the steel dividers. no zipper truck until 9:00 or 10:00 when they move that for the midday commute. four southbound and two northbound lanes reopened. some fog at the golden gate bridge, still able to see cars moving pretty much smoothly at the limit through the golden gate bridge. fog advisory for the richmond/san rafael, the bay bridge and the carquinez and benicia bridge. low clouds okay for the commute. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. it is 5:10. keep an eye out for co-workers calling in sick today. >> you know, i don't know what you're talking about. calling in sick? okay, it's been a rough couple of weeks, right? two people in the bay area are the latest lotto winners, probably not calling in to work. >> it's a fever of a different
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kind. >> they have a euphoric fever. their newfound funds may kill their motivation to go to work together. coming up where the tickets were sold. and mission half flishd for spacex, coming up in business and tech. >> we'll get through this monday morning, shake it off. it's only 5:11 right now. live look at san jose.
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the odds were not exactly in favor of this scenario but talk about lucky, two winning super lotto tickets, two sold over the weekend right here in the bay area. >> they are worth $3.5 million each. one out of richmond, the other in milpitas. >> of course chris you got your winning tickets as well? she has not got one of the tickets because she has to go to work. >> reporter: i feel like i won the lottery because alan and i are going live where we need a hot cup of cough e. we don't need 3.5 million stinkin' dollars. that is the good news. this is one of the places where the super lotto plus tickets was sold and in richmond also a jackpot winner. all of the numbers matched plus that mega millions, plus that lucky bonus number, right? so consider the fact that neither of these stores is
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considered a lucky retailer, according to the lotto website. that means they haven't sold a big winning ticket in the last year. that changes this weekend, the 7-eleven store the arco am/pm store on san pablo avenue in richmond parkway in richmond sold matching tickets, matched all five plus the mega number, and the winners can choose 30 annual payments or the cash value and while some of us are wishing we had bought a ticket, others are hoping the tickets they did buy were a match. >> it's awesome, because the last winner was just not too far from here. i mean, it would be awesome if i would have won that ticket but i'm not complaining. congratulations to whoever's the new winner. you know, it's awesome. >> reporter: it is awesome just to know somebody in our midst is a lucky person. if you have a lotto ticket and want to check your numbers, they are 1, 5, 16, 24, 30, and the
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mega number is my lucky number, it is the number 7. the winner has 180 days to claim their money. we're trying to calculate how much the winner actually gets. there is that option to get one payment a year for 30 years and then there's that lump sum option that a lot of folks are doing the math on that one. my calculator doesn't quite go that high. back to you guys. >> that's a pretty penny no doubt. thanks so much, chris. it is 5:16 right now. the spacex tragon capsule arrives safely at the international space station a short time ago. scott, mission mostly accomplished. >> the part where spacex gets paid is accomplished. spacex has a contract with nasa to deliver cargo to the space station. it's been there several times before, each time unmanned. manned flights are coming. the launch of the falcon 9 on
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saturday, this is the part of the mission which wasn't quite accomplished. spacex hoped to land the first stage of this rocket back down on a floating platform, that did not work. elon musk tweeted requests didn't get good landing/impact video. pitch dark and foggy, will piece it together." they'll try again soon. let's check your markets before the bell and turn to, i don't know, who shall we turn to, landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning to you. >> hey, scott, good morning to you. futures are higher as the markets ended in the red last week. stocks struggled amidst friday's mixed jobs report. there's no major economic data but look for reports this week on retail sales, inflation and the consumer, our season kicks off with a former aluminum giant alcoa and jpmorgan and citigroup. the dow falling 170 points on
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friday to 17,733. back over to you. >> landon thank you. we mentioned it's friday but san francisco's box finally said it's ready for an ipo. box led by this man, aaron levy. the company filed its first paper s1 and then withdrew. they're looking for an ipo around january 22nd. some criticism of the company that they burn through a lot of money. they make money but they're burning it just as fast but we'll take a look at a more careful look at their numbers as we get closer to the ipo. >> that's a little dangerous right before an ipo. >> it is. >> put a lot of money in that box. thanks a lot. 5:18 right now. we've already talked about the fact there's a lot of haze out there, fog. it's one thing for it to irritate bay area people but when elon musk can't get his video and pictures of the rocket launch you got issues. >> it is that time of year and
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i'm pretty sure he's familiar with the bay area weather. 5:18, thanks for waking up with us especially on a monday. don't dilly daly, getting out the front door taking the precious cargo to school between now and 8:30, talking about really thick fog and that air quality is poor. we're at 44 degrees in livermore, 39 in san martin and 44 degrees in san jose. even though it's a spare the air day keep in mind it's not that cold. so that's the good news. you can't burn that firewood, if that is your only source of heat. temperatures are nice and comfortable, 64 degrees for the south bay. the peninsula is at 64 degrees as well. trivalley up to 66 and temperatures well above average for this time of year. we should have the upper 50s this time of year so it's comfortable, if you can tolerate the poor air quality. much better air on the way and rain as well. 64 degrees for your tuesday.
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temperature also hold steady, just about all week long, getting into the weekend is when we bring back the storm track. you can see here we're talking about some rich moisture passing through the bay area. as we head throughout this weekend and into next week, potentially measuring rain in inches. we'll have more on that coming up right now. here's mike and your drive. >> looking to our live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, where earlier about 15 minutes ago we had cash lanes backing up on either side. now all the cash lanes are open so we're ready for the morning commute and a clear view of the east shore freeway at the toll plaza. we look reverse camera and showing a view of the bay bridge from emeryville. the incline nicely but the tower we lose sight of that.][tm:u(j parts of the approach toward san francisco. the low clouds drifting through and as we look at your map, the fog advisory issued by chp for portions of that bay bridge, the golden gate bridge has some fog descending down as well and a bigger concern as we've been talking about, a lower speed, 45 miles per hour on the approach because that new median is in place and there's about six
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inches less for folks on either side of the median. it's ready for the morning commute, it is open. the north bay showing some lower visibility for the north bay, anywhere north of san rafael and the richmond/san rafael bridge got an advisory from chp regarding low visibility across 580. some fog across the carquinez and benicia bridges. watch coming across from rio vista. the trivalley also saw some fog through dublin but it's difficult as far as the traffic goes. visibility is all right for travelers toward the dublin interchange and through pleasanton and sue nol. we look at the entire bay for your map fine as far as speeds go. easy flow for 101, back to you, easy flow. >> we like easy flows on mondays. coming up an east bay city considers drastic measures in the hopes of cutting down prostitution. >> still ahead how the proposal
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to force several businesses to close their doors. usually this is a shot littered with lights of the bay area from san bruno's mountain. guess what? not on this day, covered with a large layer of haze there. we'll be checking in with christina to find out what the full forecast for the week has in store. we'll be right back.
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six miles off of screws's most pristine coastline could get a much higher profile. the bay area conservationists are launching an effort to have president obama declare the coast diaries a new national monument. the plan would establish the screws redwoods national monument bringing national attention to the oceanfront land along highway 1 between santa cruz and davenport and attract more money to build trails, hire rangers and open the property more broadly to visitors. at 5:5, an investigative unit exclusive. what goes up might soon come down. not talking about birds or planes, but drones that you often see in the sky around the bay area. >> some right now say the small flying devices are becoming increasingly controversial. so much so that right now lawmakers are figuring out how exactly they can regulate them. this has taken a while. steven stock looked into faa data. >> good morning, guys. you know, the faa has been
5:26 am
studying this issue for more than ten years now, and critics say that's entirely too long. these are technically called unmanned aircraft systems or uass. most people just call them drones. right now it's illegal to fly a drone for commercial purposes here in the u.s. even though, drones are flying all over the place here. in fact the faa's own data shows close calls between drones and commercial aircraft is rising quickly. between february and november of last year, the faa recorded 193 different incidents where airplane pilots reports drones flying nearby. the faa had hoped to get more rules in place by later this month, but it now appears it could be longer before any meaningful drone rules are passed. meanwhile, more and more drones fill our skies, whether they like it or not. if you want to see more on this story, watch the full version on our 6:00 newscast later tonight
5:27 am
or just go online to and click on the investigations unit. i'm steven stock. back to you. >> thank you, steven. it's 5:26 right now. abamazing story of coincidence or perhaps fate. two members of the tuskegee airmen in 1942 tide in their los angeles homes on the same day. clarence huntley jr. and joseph shrambley were friends who enlisted together as mechanics in italy during world war ii. >> a little peels iece of histo going there with them. thousands of health care workers plan to walk off the job today. >> still ahead, what they say needs to happen before they get back to work. it's always one of the biggest nights in hollywood. who took home the presstiquious golden globe awards?
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you hear it right there. shot fired at a chris rock concert in the south bay. increased security threats following the "charlie hebdo" massacre this as more than 1 million people pay their respects in paris. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. more change in the works for your forecast. foggy to start, a hazy finish, better air quality by midweek and when the rain will return. we'll let you know when it will fall on your doorstep, coming up in weather. >> of course your work week commute is returning across the bay as well. we have a little hazy view of the san mateo bridge, where you have fog advisories preventing the view of some of the changes across some of your spans coming up. >> and yes, mike and christina referring to the fact we are starting our week, we're so happy you're starting your work week with us. live look outside san jose, monday, january 12th. you're watching "today in the bay."
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and a very good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. traffic picking up on the newly reopened golden gate bridge. there are serious changes drivers need to know about before they hit the road. >> this is a live look at the bridge, and amidst that fog we do know there is a new movable median barrier in there somewhere. >> you can't make it out. it's down the center. "today in the bay" stephanie chuang is at the bridge this morning and steph, the bridge has a new feature meant to end the risk of head-on collisions. they have hey several there. >> reporter: that's right, good morning, laura and sam. that's the hope to prevent the head-on collisions. they're worried about possible minor scents. we're talking about 3,500 new concrete and steel barriers that are pinned together, although you can't really see it right
5:32 am
now. so the weather was cooperating over the weekend, that's why cruise were able to open this back up six hours early. one change the middle lanes are six inches more narrow so be aware of that. that's not all. there's a significant change as you head south on thet waldo grade. drivers merging right to left instead of left to right. the speed limit has been dropped from 55 to 45 miles an hour which matches the bridge limit. golden gate bridge officials warn take it easy as you get used to the changes. >> people have been used to driving the same way for a long, long time and may not be be paying attention. slow down, take a look at your environment, for anyone who is listening, because it's changed this morning. >> reporter: what will also be different the sight of the yellow barrier times that will move the barriers to accommodate traffic flow. bridge officials say the
5:33 am
technology finally produced one narrow enough for the bridge and got $30 million they needed to pay for the project. if you're excited to see the zipper trucks and wave to the operator, we'll have when they'll finally first move into action later today coming up in our next live report in 30 minutes. live at the going glden gate br stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> seems like they're moving around large lego pieces. thank you for the report. there is a woman who waited seven years for the golden gate bridge median to change. she survived a head-on crash in the bridge in 2008 and now is partially par lies nypd she spoke at the ribbon cutting. >> i'm so grateful. i am so grateful because maybe in the future people will meet in a slightly different way. >> as she worked lobbying for a permanent median barrier grace met the driver who crashed his car into hers and they've since become friends. >> stay with "today in the bay"
5:34 am
to see how golden gate bridge traffic fares on this first day with the new median barrier. stephanie will be live at the bridge throughout the morning and mike inouye always keeping us posted on traffic there and across the bay area. more violence surrounding chris brown, this time bullets flying at his concert. >> "today in the bay's" nannette miranda is live at san jose police head quarters. the gunmen are still on the loose. >> reporter: san jose police detained and questioned several people after the shooting but so far have made no arrests. cell phone video captured the chaos as fans scrambled to safety, ducking for cover or bolting to the exits. the shooting happened 1:20 a.m. sunday morning at the fiesta nightclub during a private party. chris brown had just taken the stage performing his first song. five people were shot and
5:35 am
wounded. brown was not hurt, and was hustled to safety back stage. we spoke to a concert goer who shot video from inside and did not want to be identified. >> i could see people hiding under the bar, just everybody hiding, just panicking, full-on panic. it was like a scary movie. >> reporter: residents near the nightclub questioned whether eventgoers provided adequate security. yesterday's shooting in san jose marks the third instance of club violence involving brown in just five months. in august, the grammy-winning artist was the alleged target at a west hollywood venue and a month later, brown was drinking with friends in new york when a battle-throwing brawl broke out. now witnesses say that it does not appear that chris brown was the actual target. all five victims are expected to survive. live in san jose, nannette
5:36 am
miranda for "today in the bay." >> quite a history at his concerts. thank you very much. it is 5:35 right now. we're making history not in a very good way with all these spare the air days. >> it's been bad air quality but overall not bad conditions given what so much of the country is going through. we are in the middle of winter-ish, christina. >> california style. >> good morning to you. it's still pretty chilly out there. we want to grab a coat but you guys are exactly right, we're sparing the air and it could be much, much colder out there, 54 degrees in half moon bay, at 45. up in santa rosa, 39 degrees, one of the only cities where we are seeing the 30s this morning. we have another bay area beautiful day ahead, if you can tolerate the air quality because we're going to lose that fog rather quickly. the reason why, onshore flow is starting to shape up and breaking down this big ridge of high pressure that kept us so warm. that's the good news. temperatures are going to stay nice and mild this week but we have rain on the way once that ridge finally starts to head to
5:37 am
the east. that storm track will be back and we'll talk about that in my next report. this morning the places you want to watch out for the thick fog are up through the trivalley and getting through the delta this morning. fairfield a quarter of a mile through livermore as well. napa a halftime visibility and at the coast we're seeing some pretty good mixing courtesy of some wind and that's helping to keep your sky mostly clear there. as we head through the afternoon we'll end up in the mid-60s. more on this coming up. here's mike an your drive. >> as we just reported stephanie was talking about the new center divide. we can see it from the toll plaza of the golden gate bridge. it is there, it is in place but all you can tell. she says it is about six inches narrower on the lanes right up against the divider so keep that in mind and as we look at your map coming off of the waldo grade in toward the foggy area on the bridge we have a 45-mile-per-hour speed limit. folks will tend to bunk up for the bridge likely for the next few in the morning. the issue farther in the north is denser fog north of the
5:38 am
richmond/san rafael bridge. the span of 580 is given a fog advisory by chp, highway 37 and anywhere north of november toe. no problems reported, just lower visibility there. same thing for the carquinez bridge and benicia bridge and east we have a car fire reported at bailey. westbound at antioch a little slowing. slowing more livermore and a live look at dublin shows you lower visibility coming toward the dublin grade. light flow of traffic. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. the stars were certainly shining in hollywood last night as top stars in tv and movies turned out for the golden globe awards. >> and the golden globe goes to "boyhood." >> a movie about growing up which took a dozen years to film came of age. "boyhood" won best drama, best supporting actress for patricia arquette and best director for richard linkletter. surprise in the comedy film, "the grand budapest hotel" beat
5:39 am
out "birdman" for best comedy or musical. in the meantime big night for julianne moore, best actress in a drama for "still alice" and best actor, eddie redmayne for his portrayal of steven hawking. aim y adams best actress in a musical or comedy for "big eyes." micha michael keaton best actor for his performance in "birdman." >> the series "transparent" took the award for best tv musical or comedy, its star also won best actor. it marked the first ever golden globe awards for amazon and details the journey of a father of three who transitions to life as a woman. the creator dedicated the award to a transgender teenager who took her life last year. "fargo" won for best mini series or tv movie, and beat out "true detective." "the affair" of showtime won best tv drama series. coming up, the pakistani
5:40 am
school where 150 chirp were killed in a brutal massacre reopens for the first time since the attack. plus we're going to have a live report coming up from washington about what's being done to protect paris after last week's terrorist attack. we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather, right after this break.
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. it's 5:42 right now. we'll take a quick gander outside, downtown san jose on your early monday morning. going to find out all of the traffic and weather information to get your week started. the the school in pakistan attacked by taliban fighters last night reopened this morning. about 150 schoolchildren were killed when taliban broke into the army school in nrt western pakistan. students and staff return today amidst heightened security conditions. they were greeted by pakistan's army chief. many schools in pakistan have been an extended winter break
5:43 am
after that attack occurred. for the latest on attacks we turn to tracie potts live on capitol hill. >> good morning, laura. lawmakers are concerned the visa waiver program that allows europeans to travel to the u.s. without a visa is allowing terror suspects to easily travel to the u.s. and perhaps plot attacks like we saw in paris. now you were just talking about pakistan, that's where secretary of state john kerry is this morning. he traveled from india, but did not travel to paris this past weekend for that massive demonstration in march that we saw, the unity march. number of other world leaders were there. the u.s. did not have a top level person on the front line, 40 other world leaders are holding hands and this morning they get flack for that. secretary of state john kerry says it's just quibbling that an assistant secretary and
5:44 am
ambassador and others from the embassy were there. he has announced he will be in france on thursday for meetings on tracking terror suspects and coordinating better to do that. also president obama is going to be hosting a global summit on terror next month. >> everybody watching and waiting. thank you very much, tracie. this as we talk about a united response to the shooting. the unity could be found in many parts of the globe. people around the world yesterday joining with france including people living right in the bay area. rallies were at the top of the minds who attended the french language mass at notre dame in san francisco. >> these people, they are trying to make a statement and trying to bring everybody or separate everybody. instead they're actually bringing the world together, as you can see. >> the violence in paris really struck a nerve with bay area residents who had visited the country before. they were also inspired by the massive rallies in the french capital that took place this
5:45 am
weekend. secretary of state john kerry involved in a minor crash this morning. two cars in kerry's motorcade including the one kerry was in crashed on its way to an airport in india. no one was hurt but the accident did result in some damage to both cars. one car was switched out and the motorcade continued on to the airport. kerry was in india for an appearance at an investment concert. crews have recovered a key piece of evidence from the remains of airasia flight 850. they retrieved the plane's black boxes from the java sea which contain critical aircraft conditions that could solve what happened. they located and are trying to retrieve the cockpit voice recorder which includes conversations between the pilots. investigators say the black boxes will play a role in figuring out what caused that plane to go down, killing all 162 people on board. >> it is 5:45. president obama takes a new step today to improve cyber security. the president is hosting an event in washington to outline his plans for tackling identity
5:46 am
theft and improving online privacy. today's meeting is expected to lay a foundation for the effort he'll cover more extensively during next week's state of the union address. later this week the president plans to go to iowa to promote more affordable high speed internet. happening today for the 11th day in a row now, people in the bay area are being warned about poor air quality. officials offered another spare the air day, i should say ordered it this morning. most of us know that means by now no using of the fireplace or setting any controlled burns because the air quality is so bad right now. >> you really want to limit your time outdoors. you may not think it, but this is all going into your lungs, just at a time when everybody's starting out the exercise programs. >> yes, especially if you have a hazmat or respiratory issue. i really don't even notice a difference when i go outside but a lot of people have been sneezing more, coughing more, obviously we've had a bad cold and flu season and the air quality not doing much to help out in that department.
5:47 am
however, we are going to see another day with beautiful temperatures out there. 44 degrees in livermore, 39 to start in san martin and what you notice because we never keep you waiting on nbc bay area, this is the silicon valley. you want instant information and your seven-day forecast is always scrolling right there at the bottom of your screen, showing you rain coming in towards the end of the week and this weekend. now this morning we're in the 30s and 40s to start. we're going to see a nice, mild day but we have some thick fog out there, and this could actually slow you down this morning on your way to work. do keep that in mind especially at the immediate coast, we're starting to see that really develop at this point. that will clear earlier than our inland valley spots where it's much thicker this morning. so 9:00 a.m. clearing expected at the coast and a fair amount of clearing by 11:00 a.m. in your inland valleys. 64 degrees for the south bay today. 64 on the peninsula. 66 in thda-├║ ├▒fastrivalley and degrees in san francisco. looking towards a really comfortable week temperature wise, we'll see a lot of sunshine as well as we head through each afternoon and
5:48 am
thursday into friday, temperatures stay steady but the clouds start to thicken up as an area of low pressure rides down the coastline. this is what we're expecting, north bay first shower starting up saturday evening, sonoma county will spread to the south getting our first rain as we head through late saturday into sunday here in the south bay. we're not going to see much activity for sunday afternoon but next week we have rain chances, how much we're expecting coming up. here's mike and your drive. >> a little more congestion 101 corridor right here past 680, the first burst we talk about right before qualify. 5:45, it's building. nothing really unusual but i want to point out the slowing we showed you and 880 northbound a single crash on the right-hand shoulder at the almeida off-ramp in san jose, northbound 880 and a little farther to the bottom of your screen in los gatos, highway 17/885 reports of debris in the roadway, don't know what
5:49 am
it is but enough that chp got a report. we'll let you know if it they have to do a traffic break, unlikely. sounds like some debris from overnight roadwork. looking toward the rest of your bay a smooth drive. we'll look at live cameras, san rafael shows you the nothing fog for the north bay and bay bridge million million have been turned on. back to the desk. >> thank you very much, mike. it's 5:49 right now. community leaders are organizing a prayer vigil tonight for the four people shot and killed friday night in a quadruple homicide in san francisco. flowers and candles now mark the spot of the shooting. the men were shot as they sat in a car on laguna street in hayes valley. the shooting is said to be gang related. police say the car the men were sitting in was a stolen vehicle. no arrests have been made. in the south bay a san jose police officer accused of rape and assault heading to court today. officer jeffrey graves will attend a preliminary hearing to
5:50 am
determine if there's enough evidence to try him for rape. investigators say graves raped an undocumented woman who called for police help last year and aaccused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend in 2012 and 2013. he faces up to 12 years in prison if convicted of rape and two separateiness dents of domestic violence. let's switch gears most certainly. did you know lady luck lives in the bay area? >> heard a rumor about this. you must be talking about two winning super lotto tickets sold in milpitas and richmond >> kris sanchez is live in milpitas where one of the winning tickets was sold. the winners haven't come forward yet. >> reporter: well, she just did. just kidding. it's not me. there was one winning ticket sold at the 7-eleven store in milpitas on milmont drive and a construction site going on nearby, maybe it's one of the construction workers who stopped in for a quick cup of coffee. there was another one sold that
5:51 am
one was in richmond at an arco am/pm station on san pablo avenue where it crosses with richmond parkway. both of these tickets are worth $3.5 million each because they are jackpot tickets, that means they matched all five numbers along with that mega number that number is 7. we want to hear what other people have to say about this drawing. >> it's awesome because the last winner was just not too far from here. it would be awesome if i would have won that ticket but i'm got complaining, congratulations to whoever the new winner is. it's awesome. >> she has a good strategy being nice to the folks who won. maybe she knows them. the winning numbers are 1, 5, 16, 24, 30, and the mega number 7. the winner can choose 30 annual payments or one lump sum,
5:52 am
generally 45% to 50% of the jackpot, the jackpot $3.5 million. the winner has not come forward in this drawing in milpitas nor richmond. they have 180 days to do so so they are wise, probably gathering their people so when folks ask for money they can say talk to my people. >> all of a sudden a lot of cousins come forward. >> friends, long lost relatives. they're getting ready to crown a national champion in college football, that's tonight in dallas. the oregon ducks are taking on the ohio state buckeyes in the first ever national championship game decided by the new playoff system. ohio state has won seven national titles in its storied history but the last one was 13 years ago. oregon has never won a championship in football. >> president obama going to
5:53 am
announce new proposed laws to protect you from hacking. scott mcgrew, you said it will make us as safe as we already are. >> california is way out ahead on this. the president wants to make a nationwide federal law that will do much the same as the laws we already have here. mr. obama will present details in a speech at the federal trade comission later today. the basic idea would be to require companies like target and others hard hit by hackers to inform consumers their data was stolen and do so within a reasonable amount of time. again, california already has this law. in fact, some privacy advocates actually fear the president could propose federal laws that are less restrictive. president obama will offer a bill to crack down on data and schools and the information technology companies defrif school work. they were opening up our
5:54 am
children's private lives to markers and once again california leads the way. governor brown signed a law prohibiting nonuse of information by data collected by school computers. 30 states have no law about student data at all. wall street looking for a higher opening this work, we've got good unemployment data once again friday. that's workiva on the closing bell friday. we haven't talked much about workiva, out of ames, iowa, of all places. it didn't do well on its ipo but since recovered and made money for its investors. >> you've been talking about the great economic data. two outstanding jobs reports helping the economy. >> 2014 was phenomenal. >> a good year, awesome. let's check the forecast right now. the end of 2014 not bad when it came to the weather because we finally got a lot of rain, which we needed. we still need more though, christina. are you there? maybe not. let's go to mike.
5:55 am
>> this traffic is weather related when we look at the shot for 580. this is the fog. there's some fog for the central valley and a couple of bridges so let's look at your maps. our trivalley map does not show that fog as far as the orange highlighting but it shows the i just showed you the live camera. conditions 680 more slowing south into san ramon and northbound directions. that's a little unusual. as we look anywhere north of the san mateo bridge our map shows the castro valley crash north of the castro valley, four vehicles i understand are involved. we're getting details but sounds like one of the two lanes is fwlokd. we'll lthe bay bridge million million are on. we have a buildup east shore freeway, nothing dramatic. we have fog that is an issue, carquinez bridge and benicia bridge here. the entire north bay as far as our shot goes north of the
5:56 am
richmond/san rafael bridge. the 580 has gotten a fog advisory by the chp and bay bridge has fog drifting around on the san francisco side. down toward the golden gate bridge the reminder the bridge opened on time, no problems there, but you do have to reduce speeds off the waldo grade and headed toward 1301 crossing in towards san francisco because the lanes shift over the opposite direction that you're used to. live look at the fog and center median is in place for the morning commute and we've had no problems so far. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. south carolina man is bringing new meaning to the word hotdog, this thank you to a towsy doghouse you won't find in any store. this house won't add to his heating bill either. robert case designed an igloo type home, he connected a pipe. firefighters call it safe because it has no electrical cords and the drawing is resting comfortably with no matter the weather that is outside. >> it's a dog that can handle you got to look after your
5:57 am
pets. coming up an officer chasing a suspect ends up in the hospital. we'll have details still ahead. also revamped golden gate bridge is now open for the morning commute. but when it comes to this new opening, it has some changes attached that could impact how you drive around and through the bridge. we'll explain. look at the cloud cover this morning, a lot of fog starting out your day across the bay area. we'll check the forecast and of course all-important monday morning commute. we'll ease you through it. 5:57 right now. this... is the best part of the day. when we sit down together and talk. more and more, we're having conversations about the food itself: how good it is for us. how good it is for the planet. at monsanto, we're working with farmers to make balanced meals accessible to everyone. while using natural resources more efficiently. it's time for a bigger discussion about food.
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6:00 am
what san jose police are doing this morning to try to track down whoever pulled the trigger. and brand new week, brand new forecast. today that fog is back and it is thick in spots, hauzy a hazy ano finish off and better air quality tomorrow. the biggest story, rain soon to return to your neighborhood. we'll tell you when in moments. >> the bay bridge million million are on. we see the headlights but lose sight of the car lights half way across the span. christina talks about fog. i'll talk about the burst of traffic also for the south bay. >> we will now look at a burst of movement in some of the cloud cover and fog this morning from the san bruno mountain as you can see, the lights starting to pop up, it's early on monday, 6:00 january the 12th. you're watching "today in the bay." >> a very good monday morning. thank you for joining us to start off your week.


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